Divya Foundation

Divya Foundation was established to work on uplifting the society by primarily offering education services and humanitarian work for society at large. Divya Foundation began by setting up RAYZ International Preschool, India’s finest and new age preschool, which is ranked as Noida’s No. 3 Preschool and Day care centre.

Divya foundation does various humanitarian work to uplift the underprivileged community eg:- provides FREE Education to the underprivileged children, conduct various skill development workshops, trainings for under priviledged child and NGO’s. Conduct donation drives to donate clothes, toys, books and ration items. Organise Free medical check up camps, organise corporate initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship drive amongst underprivileged children.

We also conduct activities for underprivileged children to sensitise them about the importance of education, encouraging them to go to the school and take education for skill enhancement and become a global citizen tomorrow. It takes continuous effort over many decades for any deep-rooted change to happen.