Rayz Corporate Connect

Helping organizations build gender diverse and family friendly workplaces.

Rayz is the trusted parenting partner for Corporates empanelled with Rayz Day and Night day care centre. We not only help raise the child but also offer various parent engagement and support programs for corporate employees through parenting workshops.

We at RAYZ offer childcare solutions that best suit an employer’s needs in an effort to bring women back to workplaces. With our onsite daycare, nearsite daycare and subsidy solutions, we have provided many corporate offices in India a safe and secure space for children to grow and flourish offering both care and education under the same offering making it easier for mothers to return to work. This has allowed employers to not just retain their women employees but has also allowed working parents to now, in a guilt-free manner, pursue their careers while staying close to their child.

Some of the prestigious corporate clients we serve are HSBC, Kiwitech, Synopsys, Tata Power, Indo Gulf Hospital etc. 

Contact our Corporate Connect Team : 91-8076147734