About Rayz

Rayz International Preschool is India’s new age preschool which made its humble beginning in the year 2016. Within a very short span of time, Rayz has become one the finest preschool and day care center, which has created its niche into the market space and is most sought after by the parents today. Rayz is a well conceptualized preschool & day care centre, having state-of-the-art infrastructure based on the international standards with child safety and hygiene as the two important pillars of the institution. 

The healthy learning environment at RAYZ campus helps each child to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. At RAYZ, we follow the “Howard Gardner multiple intelligence Theory” as the learning approach, designed by Dr. Howard Gardner, Profession in Harvard University. Ur curriculum is driven towards providing meaningful and effective child centric education by its core philosophy of Think, Learn and Create or TLC as we like to call it.


A child's curiosity is creatively guided to set their mind ticking allowing them to explore the big wide world around them.


The exploration when associated with appropriate audio – visual stimuli and action–reaction exercises allows them to satisfy their inquisitiveness and reach their individual “ah” moments. These moments in turn become valuable lessons.


The child applies the knowledge to emerge with new ideas which when implemented helps build their self esteem. It also provides insight on their skills, talents and interests thus building their personality.